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The Ultimate Guide
for Every Woman 

Bringing together years of experience in the world of fashion and media, Paul walks you through his guide to pulling together all aspects of life including:

How to organize your wardrobe more efficiently

Ways to shop and dress perfectly for your body and budget

Beauty tips used by the stars that every woman needs to know

Eat and treat your body like a temple

Working out in a fun and efficient way

Strengthening your mind and helping you to perform and sleep better

Have you ever wondered how celebrities juggle hectic schedules and still show up looking flawless? Do you ever think it would be great to create an extra hour in your day? Well, Paul Wharton is here to help.

This is not about trying to be someone else, this is about being your best and loving who you are by learning how to pull it all together.

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Paul finished the last pages of Pulling It All Together while on vacation at the Grey Gardens mansion, a fabled home located in the elite seaside Village of East Hampton, Long Island, New York. To find and see more pictures of his experience there and if there's truth behind the Grey Garden's legend... PREORDER his book now!